Wild Weather Weekend with More on the Way

CNN Meteorologist Sarah Dillingham

After a weekend of wild weather, another round of severe storms will develop today across the Southern Plains and the Ohio Valley, including an isolated tornado threat over the Texas panhandle.  Golf ball- to baseball-sized hail pounded many areas of Illinois and Missouri over the weekend as severe storms rolled through the region Saturday.  Damaging winds also wreaked havoc as gusts up to 50 mph caused a tent to collapse near Busch Stadium in St. Louis on Saturday afternoon, killing one person and injuring nearly 100 others.  Sunday evening, baseball-sized hail struck areas in and around Lubbock, TX, breaking car and home windows, as well as skylights out of homes.  Wind gusts reached 60-70 mph, toppling power poles and even knocking down a fence and allowing 50-60 cattle to escape, according to National Weather Service storm reports.  One gust in Lubbock County measured up to 85 mph, making it the top gust of the night.  There was also a report of a funnel cloud in the area, but damage assessments will need to be completed to determine if a tornado ever actually touched down Sunday night.

More severe storms could move over those same areas today, including much of Oklahoma and Kansas, and very large hail and a few tornadoes will again be possible across the Texas Panhandle.  Other areas under the threat of seeing severe storms include southern Illinois and Indiana, Ohio, and western Pennsylvania.

Heavy rain from last night’s storms have developed into a large line of heavy rain extending from northern Oklahoma to central Illinois this morning, and these slow moving storms could produce flash flooding.  Some locations have already received 6-10” according to Doppler Radar estimates, and Flood Watches remain in effect through Tuesday morning as an additional 1-3” could fall through the early afternoon hours.  A few Flood Warnings remain in effect through Monday morning, and as always in these kinds of situations, motorists are cautioned not to cross water-covered roadways as the pavement could be washed away underneath.

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