“High chance” of subtropical or tropical storm developing

by Sean Morris
CNN Meteorologist 

An area of low pressure located between the northwestern Bahamas and southeastern Florida was becoming better organized on Thursday evening indicating that a subtropical or tropical cyclone could be forming off the east coast of Florida. Conditions are becoming conducive for further development and this area now has a high chance of becoming a subtropical or tropical cyclone in the next 48 hours, the National Hurricane Center said.

The system is already producing gusts of tropical storm force, the Hurricane Center said.

Interests along the southeastern coast of the United States should closely monitor this system over the Memorial Day weekend. Forecast models show the system stalling off the Georgia coast this weekend and then moving onshore in north Florida or coastal Georgia early next week as a subtropical or tropical storm. Currently, there is low confidence in the forecast track and forecast intensity of this system.

If this system intensifies into a tropical depression it will be designated Tropical Depression One. If a tropical storm forms, it will be given the name of Beryl.

The 2012 Atlantic Hurricane Season is off to an early start with the formation of Tropical Storm Alberto on Saturday. The Atlantic Hurricane Season officially begins on June 1.

The National Hurricane Center will issue another update on this system on Friday.

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