Now Tropical Depression Beryl Brings Hope to the Southeast

CNN Meteorologist Sarah Dillingham

With ‘Extreme’ to ‘Exceptional’ drought in place across the Southeast, Beryl was just what the doctor ordered in the way of rainfall.  Up to 12″ fell in some locations across northern Florida and more rain will head along the Coast through Tuesday and Wednesday, before Beryl is taken back out into the Atlantic.  While some areas got lucky with the rain, most of the areas affected only saw around 3-4″+, a mere drop in the bucket of the total they need to improve the current drought conditions.

Beryl is not finished yet as it is forecast to continue heading through Savannah, GA and Charleston, SC, before passing over the Outer Banks of North Carolina in the next 48 hours.  Rainfall totals could still top 2-4″ for many areas before Beryl moves offshore, and winds could continue gusting 30-40 mph.  Heavy rains will move through the Jacksonville area again Tuesday afternoon as Beryl makes its forecast hard, right turn towards the Carolinas.  This will add to the nearly 3″ that Jacksonville International Airport saw on Monday, as well as the rainfall seen across south Georgia.

Between the Atlantic and Pacific Basins, we’ve already had a busy start to the tropical season with 2 storms in each Basin: Aletta and Bud in the Eastern Pacific; Alberto and Beryl in the Atlantic.  As we tick down the clock to the official start to the Atlantic Hurricane Season – June 1 – the National Hurricane Center is reminding us to prepare for this season.  This is Hurricane Preparedness Week across the country and each day represents a different threat posed by hurricanes.  You can visit this website and learn how to best prepare you and your family in the event of a tropical landfall:

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