Spring continued where winter left off with more record heat

by Dave Hennen
CNN Senior Meteorologist

Many of us went through a winter that seemed non-existent.  No major blizzards or numbing arctic outbreaks.  It looks as if spring continued much of the same weather pattern over the U.S.

After reviewing the last several months, NOAA says that May 2012 will end as the second warmest on record in the U.S., and that the spring period of March through May will go down in the record books as the warmest on record since recordkeeping began in 1895.


The average temperature in May over the contiguous U.S. was 64.3 degrees or 3.3 degrees above normal.   For spring the average was 57.1 degrees, some 5.2 degree above normal.  This makes spring 2012 the warmest since 1910.

If you look back over the last 12 months from June 2011- May 2012, it is the warmest 12-month period of any 12 months on record according to NOAA.

The warm temperatures were not tied to any one particular part of the country.  In the contiguous U.S. only Oregon and Washington had spring temperatures near normal.   If you look at data starting on January 1st of this year through the end of May, many cities are off to their warmest start since record keeping began at the location:

Chicago – Warmest in 54 years

New York City (Central Park) – Warmest in 137 years

New York City (JFK) – Warmest in 55 years

Philadelphia – Warmest in 72 years

Washington (Dulles) – Warmest in 50 years



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