Supercell Causes Heavy Damage to Oklahoma Community

by Sarah Dillingham
CNN Meteorologist

Severe storms rattled through the Southern Plains Sunday afternoon, causing heavy damage to at least one Oklahoma town in Bryan County.  Calera, OK saw numerous downed trees and powerlines, including structural damage to several homes.  One mobile home was overturned along a highway, leaving it a total loss, and roof damage was also being reported by some residents.  There were no official reports of tornadoes yesterday, according to the Storm Prediction Center, but several reports of high winds up to 60 and 70 mph were reported in the nearby towns of Kemp and Achille in Bryan County, OK.

Strong straight-line winds were the likely culprit of this intense storm, but the National Weather Service will head out to the town today and determine if that was the case.  These storms formed along a cold front that has brought some much needed cooler weather to the Great Lakes and Northeast over the weekend, and even Oklahoma is seeing some relief from the extreme heat.  As this front continues sliding to the southeast today, more severe storms are expected across western Tennessee, Kentucky, and Mississippi where large hail, damaging winds, and isolated tornadoes will be possible.  Please stay aware of developing weather conditions in your area, and seek shelter for any impending severe weather.

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