Latest on Tropical Storm Isaac

by Sean Morris
CNN Meteorologist

Isaac is forecast to make landfall in Hispaniola Friday evening as a category one hurricane and move over Port-au-Prince, Haiti, late Friday evening (EDT). Torrential rain of up to eight to twelve inches is possible over Hispaniola with maximum amounts of 20 inches possible. This will cause deadly flooding and mudslides. According to CNN International, 419,000 are still in living in tents in Port-au-Prince as a result of the 2010 quake.

The forecast track beyond this point is highly uncertain. According to the track, Isaac will approach and possibly make landfall along the Florida Keys on Monday. The official forecast track from the National Hurricane Center shows Isaac passing west of Tampa early Tuesday morning.

The forecast models are trending south and westward, away from Tampa.

(Based on 5 a.m. EDT Thursday 8/23 NHC Official Forecast Track)

  • Friday 2 p.m. EDT – Isaac is forecast to become a category one hurricane with winds of 75 mph on Friday afternoon.
  • Friday 6 p.m. EDT – Landfall in extreme southwestern Dominican Republic weakening to a strong tropical storm shortly thereafter.
  • Friday 8 p.m. EDT to midnight – Moves over Port-au-Prince, Haiti, with maximum sustained winds at about 65 mph.

NOTE LARGE ERRORS are possible in the forecast track for times below:

  • Saturday evening/overnight – landfall in southeastern Cuba
  • Sunday afternoon – Isaac emerges into the Florida Straits, begins intensifying

 NOTE VERY LARGE ERRORS are possible in the forecast track for times below (at least 250 miles either side of the forecast track):

  • Overnight Sunday – possible landfall in Florida Keys as a category 1 hurricane, winds 75 mph or greater
  • Early Tuesday – Isaac passes west of Tampa
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